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Mometri is a creative agency based in Bandung, Indonesia. We specialize in branding and digital experience. We help clients achieve recognition and build brand equity through a well managed and positioned brand. Our team comprises of creatives, strategists and problem solvers who seek for genuine and accessible ideas that come from understanding, knowledge and design thinking process. Our clients include companies in varied industries from all around the world. Besides our experience in branding, we also specialize in different areas of graphic design, interactive design and media.

We love new challenges and address them accordingly with an experienced team of collaborators focused on adding value to your projects. To know more about our points of view and work process, please contact us. We are eager to find ways to help you with your projects.


Melisa Arta
Creative Director


Al Ansari Lights | Manama, Bahrain
Alana’s Music Studio | Los Angeles, USA
Allcon Group | Victoria, Australia
ArteVue | London, UK
Ashwaq Abdullah | Abu Dhabi, UAE
BananaClip Studio | Ohio, USA
Barka Atik Yönetim | Istanbul, Turkey
Classic Film Hall of Fame & Museum | California, USA
Coco Water Taxi | Coco, Costa Rica
Cognitive AdScience | Dubai, UAE
Colliers International | Alberta, Canada
Goodybox | Dubai, UAE
Hidden Pleasures | Gold Coast, Australia
Jessica Watson-Thorp | Dubai, UAE
Jonathan Gamble | Alabama, USA
Institute for International Student Success | USA
Kongkow Conferencing | Jakarta, Indonesia

Lmbrt Consulting | Indiana, USA
LobbyCom | Toronto, Canada
Mestaria | Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mintaqa | Dubai, UAE
Miss Fitness Life | Queensland, Australia
Northwest Natural Spirits | Oregon, USA
Nusantech | Jakarta, Indonesia
Quentin Weber | Montreal, Canada
The Green Kosambi | Bandung, Indonesia
Total Media Ventures | Dubai, UAE
We Mobilize You | Toronto, Canada
Wild Roots | Oregon, USA
Wissam Shawkat | Dubai, UAE
Wise Option | Texas, USA
Yalla Lifestyle | Abu Dhabi, UAE
and many others…

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